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Gorefield Primary Academy

Gorefield Primary Academy

Caring, sharing, thinking, learning

Our Staff

Our staff are always willing to support you:




Miss Aimee GarnerCo-Headteacher
Mrs Nancy IrvineCo-Headteacher

Miss Dawn Freeburn


Assistant Headteacher

Year 5/6 Teacher - Writing and KS2 Reading Lead

Miss Sadie BoorYear 3/4 Teacher 
Mrs Nicola DrinkwaterYear 1/2 Teacher 
Mrs Deborah KoseckiReception Teacher - EYFS Lead 
Mrs Nicola HempsallSEND Co-ordinator



Teaching Assistants


Mrs Joanna McHaffie (HLTA)

Mrs Mandy Hewitt

Mattar - Year 5/6

Mrs Emma Bramley (HLTA)

Miss Amy Wakeham

Storey - Year 3/4

Miss Tazmin Tanner (HLTA)  Miss Katie Vargeson

Mrs Christine Stott

Coleman - Year 1/2

Miss Georgina Hewitt

Miss Natasha Girardot

Mrs Wendy Sage

Mrs Dawn Petts

Penguins - Reception



Office Staff


Mrs Tracie TuckOffice Manager
Mrs Genia GilesSenior Office Manager (based at Murrow)
Mr Stephen MartinSite Manager



Midday Supervisors


Mrs Sam Smith

Mrs Clare Fennelow

Miss Sue Booty (also Cleaner)