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Gorefield Primary Academy

Gorefield Primary Academy

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The Diamond Learning Partnership Trust is the admission authority for all the schools in the Trust. This means that it is the Governing Body that sets and applies the admissions policy for every school.


All Policy decisions regarding the admission of children into the School are made by the Board of Trustees.


Admissions for EYFS - starting school in September 2023


All Cambridgeshire children, born between 1 September 2018 and 31 August 2019, can now apply for their primary school place for September 2023.

Applications can be made up until the national closing date of Sunday, 15 January 2023, to be considered for a school place and receive an answer on the national offer date of 17 April 2023. 

By applying on time, it gives parents the best chance of obtaining a place at a school they would prefer.

Please note that applications received after 15 January 2023 cannot be considered until round 2 in May 2023.

All parents should be advised to read the admissions guide 'First Steps – Admission to Primary School; a guide for parents' before making their application as it contains essential information that will help them when applying for a school.

Applications can be completed online at or for those parents who are unable to access the online process, please contact 0345 045 1370 to request a paper form.




Mid-Year Applications (i.e. All Applications Other than Those Above for Admission to Reception)


To apply for a place after the start of term or in any other year group, please contact the school or visit the school’s website


Admissions contact:   01945 700357