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Gorefield Primary Academy

Gorefield Primary Academy

Caring, sharing, thinking, learning


Welcome to Zimbabwe Class.  Mangwanani - Good Morning.


The adults in our class are: Miss Boor, Mrs Bramley and Miss Wakeham.

Our autumn term begins with spending a few days learning about Zimbabwe - the history, geography and culture of this amazing country.


In English, our first unit is based on the text 'Your Digestive System' by Sally Hewitt.  We will learn how to write an explanation text on the human digestive system.  Other text types we will write are: instructions, an advert, a recount and a comic strip.


We will continue to build opportunities for children to read independently and will read from the class book every day. We strongly believe that exposing our children to stories and other texts improves their writing, their understanding of the world and their love of reading.  Please try to support your child's learning by reading with them, or to them, every day.


Maths lessons begin with place value and progress to addition and subtraction, then multiplication and division.  Children will be practising times tables regularly at school and your support with this at home will really boost your child's progress.  Every child has a login for TTRS; other useful websites are Times Table checker and Hit The Button.  Y4 children will be participating in the statutory times table check at the beginning of June.


Other subjects:

History - The Stone Age to the Iron Age, Ancient Egypt

Geography - Spatial Sense, Settlements

Science - The Human Body, Cycles in Nature

R.E. - Judaism, The Nativity Story

P.E. (Monday and Thursday) Gymnastics

Art - Painting, Claude Monet

P.S.H.E. - Safety first, V.I.Ps

Music - Mamma Mia, glockenspiel stage 1

D.T. - Static electricity, Eating Seasonally

French - Food