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Vision and values

All children are very competent and capable learners – given the right linguistic and social environment. We are now better informed than ever as to what that environment should contain. The ways in which teachers talk to children, amplifying and elaborating their comments, can enhance learning, memory, understanding and motivation. This is why we place so much emphasis on enhancing children’s learning with collaboration and purposeful talk.

Providing a diversity of experiences strengthens children’s multi-sensory neural networks and also helps them modify their understanding of the world and become better at reflecting on their observations. This is why we place an emphasis on developing our environment to support creativity, and why we look to integrate our curriculum and connect home and school learning. We fuel their imaginations and raise the quality and capacity of children’s thinking and perseverance – a growth mind-set - through problem-solving and creative activities

There is a widespread assumption that ‘assessment’ and ‘testing’ are synonymous. They are not. It is not testing but effective assessment that informs teaching and raises standards. Strong assessment results in understanding children’s needs and high quality effective teaching and this in turn helps shrink the gap between children who are struggling academically and those who are not. Our assessment, build around children’s depth of understanding, is based on how learning takes place, particularly in building on children’s initial ideas and strengthening their engagement with and responsibility for learning.

We develop:

  • a wide range of skills to enhance our children’s independent learning, their ability to solve problems and to achieve their potential.
  • Our children for their future physical, mental and emotional well being and encourage them to lead a healthy lifestyle.

We encourage:

  • children to have a happy and positive experience of learning
  • everybody to take pride in the school and respects one another

We want:

  • Staff and parents to work in partnership for the benefit of the children.
  • The school is an integral part of the local community and we prepare all children to an active and positive role in the wider world.