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As a school we provide high quality teaching and additional interventions to ensure the curriculum is accessible to all children at an appropriate level. Children and young people’s SEN are generally thought of in the following four broad areas of need and support:

  1. Communication and interaction
  2. Cognition and learning
  3. Social, emotional and mental health
  4. Sensory and/or physical needs

We carefully plan how to use our support staff to ensure children achieve the best outcomes, gain independence and are prepared for adulthood. Admission arrangements and the disability plan can be found in the Governance Umbrella.

For further Information on Special Educations Needs and Disabilities, or if you wish to discuss your child's additional needs, contact either your class teacher, Linda Sismey or Nicola Hempsall, or by emailing the school office. 

Click here for our most up to SEND information report.