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Gorefield Primary School

PE and Sport Funding


Our additional Sports Funding is used alongside our main funding both to bring in sports expertise into the curriculum and beyond, and to support our training and continued upkeep of our swimming, in which our children learn to swim by using the pool daily in the Summer Months.


The total anticipated amount allocated to the school for the academic year 2017 to 2018 is £27 110.

How will money be spent on sport this academic year?

  • To improve teaching and learning in sports. By providing specialist sports coaches to improve the teaching and learning in PE and sports lessons. (Anticipated cost £6840) 
  • To improve teaching and learning in sports with a specialist PE and dance teaching across the school. (Anticipated cost £6080) 
  • To ensure all teachers are trained to teach swimming, and to maintain the swimming pool within legislation H&S guidance so that children can access swimming lessons daily from May to July.(£9600)
  • To widen participation, encouraging the least active children to attend by providing after schools for each day for a range of sports, gymnastics or dance. (£3800)
  • To employ a specialist dance choreographer to develop skills to performance standard. (£600)
  • To provide opportunities for inter-school tournaments per term.(£600)
  • To provide an annual walking event beyond the school.(£600)
  • To support an action adventure residential for upper key stage 2 children. .(£1000)
  • To carry out risk assessment and H&S checks  to ensure all equipment is safe to use and to maintain all PE and sporting equipment to a high standard.(£1000)

The impact of the expenditure.

Children learnt six different sports in the course of the year and were able to extend their skills through after school clubs and tournaments with local schools. In addition, children were involved children in after gymnastics.  By the end of the Summer term, over 90% of children within key stages 1 and 2 were swimming lengths successfully.