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Our Staff

Our staff are always willing to support you:


Mr John Starling Headteacher
Mr Damon Finney Assistant Head, Year 2/3 Teacher (Robins Class)
Mrs Nicola Parker Year 5/6 Teacher (Eagles Class)
Mrs Olivia Grant

Year 3/4 Teacher (Owls Class)

Mrs Linda Sismey SEN Co-ordinator, Year 1/2 Teacher (Robins Class)
Mrs Lydia Blythe Reception/Year 1 Teacher (Penguins Class)
Mr Andrew Murray Year 4 Teacher (Owls Class)
Miss Loreena Gomm

Year 2/3 Teacher (Robins Class)


Teaching Assistants

Eagles Mrs Emma Bramley, Mrs Christine Stott 
Owls Mrs Mandy Hewitt 
Robins Mrs Susan Howlett & Ms Sam Templeman

Mrs Fiona Bullard , Mrs Christine Stott & Miss Tazmin Tanner

Administration Assistants

Mrs Lesley Marshall Secretary
Mrs Lalage Connolly Finance Officer
Mr Steven Martin Site Manager
Mrs Sue Tanner Cleaner

Mid-Day Supervisors

Mrs Fiona Bullard, Mrs Mandy Hewitt, Mrs Sue Howlett, Mrs Sue Tanner, Miss Tazmin Tanner

Mrs Nicola Hempsall is a further SEN Co-ordinator.