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Gorefield Primary School

Our Staff

Our staff are always willing to support you:


Mr John Starling               Headteacher.

Mr Damon Finney             Assistant Head, Year 5/6 teacher (Eagles Class).

Miss Elle Lewis                 Year 5/6 intern teacher (Eagles Class).

Mrs Louise Hoyles           Year 3/4 teacher (Owls class) and 5/6 (Eagles Class).

Mrs Sarah Melia               Year 3/4 teacher (Owls Class).

Mrs Linda Sismey            Inclusion Manager, Year 1/2 teacher (Robins Class).

Mrs Lydia Blythe              Reception/year 1 teacher (Penguins Class).

Mrs Sophie Lambert       year 1 teacher (Robins Class).


Eagles:          Miss Sam Templeman      Miss Ella Jackson                                               

Owls:             Mrs Fiona Bullard               Mrs Mandy Hewitt            

Robins:         Mrs Susan Howlett       

Penguins:    Ms Christine Stott            Miss Tazmin Tanner        Mrs Emma Bramley      Mrs Carly Stone            


Mrs Lesley Marshall         Secretary

Mrs Lalage Connolly       Finance Officer

Mr Steven Martin              Site Manager

Miss Sue Tanner                Cleaner


Mrs Mandy Hewitt, Mrs Sue Howlett, Miss Ella Jackson, Miss Sue Tanner, Miss Tazmin Tanner.

In addition, Mrs Fiona Bullard runs a lunchtime homework club.