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Design Technology


We aim to make sure Design Technology is focused on an end purpose and user rather than piece of art. Children will complete projects to solve problems and develop solutions using knowledge and inspiration from the history of  great engineering achievements in the UK. We aim to make children excited and highly motivated about their projects. We will look to create a love of cooking and knowledge of healthy eating and nutrition.  

Curriculum Organisation 

Our Design Technology curriculum offers full coverage of the National Curriculum and we have categorised our content into three areas: -  

  • Master practical skills 
  • Design, make, evaluate, improve 
  • Take inspiration from history 

Knowledge, Skills and Progression 

The knowledge, skill and progression are set out in our document - knowledge and skill that are taught at Gorefield. Children develop their skills through using different tools and techniques such as measuring in cups to grams to using ratio. Children will look at designs from history for ideas then adapt these and finally will look to combine and using the strengths of different solutions to solve a new problem. When creating models, the complexity of evaluation will develop from meeting a need to evaluating how successful this need has been met and then making improvements to meet the need more fully.