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Curriculum Intent

At Gorefield our approach to the curriculum has been influenced by the work of Mary Myatt, David Didau, Martin Robinson, David Crystal, Daniel Willingham, Mark Enser and Claire Sealey. 

At Gorefield we use a knowledge-based structure to our curriculum. This means we see developing knowledge as the main aim of our curriculum. This is based on the fact that all learning is based on the knowledge of key facts, without these learning has nothing to hang onto. Lack of key knowledge means children are being asked to have the same level of insight and understanding of the world's greatest thinkers and philosophers without the experience and background of these. Sir Isaac Newton saw the apple fall from the tree with a depth and breadth of knowledge from his previous experience. Without knowledge, we are asking children to make the same discoveries when only seeing an object fall to the ground. To achieve this, we follow the Chris Quigley Essential Curriculum which organises the National Curriculum into essential knowledge to which children have a changing relationship from year 1 to year 6. More details on this can be found here. We then organise key knowledge into a progression from Year 1 to 6 in key areas for different subjects.  

Through our curriculum we enable our pupils to make informed connections about their world and experiences then provide a context for them to develop a deeper understanding. We believe that this provides the essential knowledge and skills children require for the next step in their education. 

We are currently investing significant time and resources into building and developing our curriculum so that we can meet this intent. Although subjects are taught discreetly,  clear links are made in lessons to the subject being studied along with the Essential element from the Chris Quigley curriculum.  

We fiercely believe that our curriculum and teaching approaches should provide equity of opportunity for all.  All staff within the school are committed to ensuring such equality and as such, are working tirelessly to develop a consistent approach to teaching.   

To complement our curriculum approach we use to track children’s learning. This is acutely matched to the Essential Curriculum for all subjects. This is separated into 3 milestones and based upon the Essentials for each subject. Further information can be found here.