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At Gorefield we aim for children to develop and practice skills inline and beyond those set out in the National Curriculum. Additionally, we also aim to ensure that children have a depth of knowledge around artists their work. This includes the background, inspiration and the movement linked to the artist. This will naturally lead to skills and knowledge being used in other subjects, such as Geography and History.  

Curriculum Organisation  

Our Art curriculum offers full coverage of the Art & Design National Curriculum as well as incorporating SMSC development. We have categorised our content into five areas: 

  • Develop ideas
  • Master techniques 
  • Take inspiration from the greats 

Knowledge, Skills and Progression 

The knowledge, skill and progression are set out in our document - knowledge and skill that are taught at Gorefield. Children will start using sketchbooks to collect ideas and then move to adapt and respond to these. They will then present their ideas in imaginative ways and look to develop and refine their responses. Drawing, sculpture, collage and painting will be prioritised as techniques and these will develop from Year 1, where children will learn key elements of the technique to Year 6, where they will be refining, developing and selecting the most appropriate method.