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Gorefield Primary Academy

Gorefield Primary Academy

Caring, sharing, thinking, learning


Welcome to France Class!


We are France Class, Miss Boor is our teacher and Miss Tanner, Mrs Bullard and Mrs Hewitt are our learning assistants.

Spring 2023


Our PE days are Monday and Friday.


In English this term we will be exploring:

  • The Storm Whale by Benji Davies
  • Old Enough to Save the Planet by Loll Kirby


In Maths, Year 1 will be starting with addition and subtraction within 20, followed by place value within 50, length and height and weight and volume.
Year 2 will be starting with multiplication and division, followed by statistics, properties of shapes and fractions.


In Phonics, Year 1 will be beginning to learn about the Year 1 spelling rules while still revisiting phase 5 and learning the Year 1 common exception words. More information about the Year 1 spelling rules will be sent out weekly in our Learning Sharing.
Year 2 will continue with their work on phase 6, developing their knowledge and understanding of spelling rules as well as working towards being able to read and spell the 200 high frequency words and the Year 2 common exception words.

This term our topics are:

Science - Seasons and the Weather and Taking care of the Earth

Geography - The UK

History - Kings, Queens and Leaders

Art - Water colour painting

Design Technology - Textiles: making puppets

PE - Multiskills

Computing - Programming bee bots and Skill showcase rocket to the moon

PSHE - Wider world - Britain and Relationships - VIPs

RE - Places of Worship and Easter and Surprises

Music - I wanna play in a band and Zootime

Villain Day

Friday 11th March has been a very exciting day! The children all dressed up as villains from different stories and films. This week we have been reading and doing lots of activites based around the book 'Inside the Villains' by Clotilde Perrin. We focused on the giant and created our own giant to base a letter on giving the reasons we should be the giant to star in the next new story.

World Book Day

This year our World Book Day had a Roald Dahl theme.

Each of the children were given a wooden spoon to decorate at home, they were all bursting with excitement present their spoon to the class. They were all able to explain which character their spoon represented and the book that their character came from.

Across the day we read several chapters from Fantastic Mr Fox and tried to infer how the characters might be feeling at different points in the story.


Home Learning


At the beginning of the topic a homework list was added to our Class Dojo page which contained a list of activities linked to our topic which can be completed weekly, please can photos of completed work be added to Class Dojo. 


We expect children to be reading at home daily to enable them to apply their phonics and develop fluency. Please use: ‘What is … doing?’, ‘Who (action relating to a character)?’, ‘Why do you think…?’, ‘How do you know…?’ and ‘What do you think…?’ as sentence starters to help develop their understanding and comprehension. To extend their reading you could ask your child to write a sentence to answer a question that you have asked them.


Each week an overview will be posted to Class Dojo detailing the learning for the coming week, as well as suggestions of activities to do at home to consolidate and extend this learning.


Times tables are an important part of Maths. Throughout Year 2 and towards the end of Year 1 children will be learning about and solving problems involving their times tables. To support their rapid recall of these please encourage your child to use TTRockstars regularly.