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Gorefield Primary Academy

Gorefield Primary Academy

Caring, sharing, thinking, learning

Executive Headteacher and Welcome

Welcome to Gorefield Primary School


Gorefield Primary School is a small village school located near to the town of Wisbech in Cambridgeshire. Gorefield joined the Diamond Learning Partnership Trust on September 1st 2020. (Please see letter from Trust under letters to parents.)


*A paper copy of the website is available upon request. This is free of charge.*


Welcome to Gorefield Primary Academy!  Our aim is to provide a stimulating learning environment in which all members of the school community are respected and valued, where children can develop to the full extent of their abilities.  The partnership between home and school is essential in fulfilling these aims.  The school welcomes and depends on your co-operation, support and involvement. 


We recognise the importance of school in preparing our children for their future.  If they are to leave our school feeling valued, self-assured, curious about the world around them and excited about the part they have to play in this ever-changing society, we must invest heavily in them.  With our time, energy, expertise and passion - we must all strive together to give of our very best.  Our Motto - Caring Sharing Thinking Learning embodies these beliefs.  With these ingredients combined for a common cause, our children will undoubtedly thrive and develop into citizens who hold a genuine stake in their society. 


We work closely with our sister school - Murrow Primary Academy and are excited to see how much meeting up and shared learning we can do this coming year.


We hope that you enjoy finding out about our school on our website.  However we do welcome opportunities to invite prospective pupils and parents into our school.  If you would like to visit, or have any questions, please do not hesitate to either telephone or call in.  On behalf of myself and Ms K Cunningham - Executive Deputy Headteacher, we look forward to meeting you - happy browsing!

Yours sincerely,

Mary Foreman
Interim Headteacher


*  A paper copy of the website can be made available upon request.